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“Forbidden for adults not accompanied by a child!”

LBH - 2013 - Opoual - B.Jamot Billiotte - B__5680Opoual loves children! He is the nice “not all abominable” Yeti and mascot of the Labellemontagne resorts.

The universe of Opoualand is a playful educational area dedicated to children. The slope is full of activities (slalom with sharp bends, gates, skill games…) and opportunities to have fun while exploring all kinds of mountain mysteries !

“Imitate the Yeti howl, pretend to be explorers, zigzag between OPOUAL’s friends, take aim at OPOUAL with snowballs, sneak through the tunnels!” The echo of the mountains, the Daffodil and Snowdrop, without forgetting slope safety: No more secrets for our youngest skiers !

Access included with a ski pass.


Opoualand it’s too good !

Opoual has his own kingdom on the Web !Find it fast!